Accessible banking for all

Membership of the Zipp Interchange Network enables Account & Card Issuers to provide enhanced features and functionalities for their clients that are unique and powerful.

Zipp Members are now able to usher in the World’s first dynamic multi-currency account where currency accounts are created on the fly as required within one master Zipp account which can hold balances in any number of currencies. One Zipp card will access the account thus providing Zipp card issuers with facility to issue cards that are truly and uniquely multi-currency

The instant transfer capability between Zipp accounts issued wherever and by whichever institutions in the world, the support for transactions in a multiple of currencies, instant access to the accounts from anywhere in the world and the ability to use the mobile phone numbers as account numbers, go to make the accounts and cards issued under the Zipp scheme a class apart.

Zipp is truly inclusive and provides great value propositions equally for everyone from large corporate houses to economically disadvantaged individuals.

Latest News

February 4, 2013

Zipp International inks agreement with AUB Bank in Philippines

Zipp International inks agreement with AUB Bank in Philippines as a Correspondent member of the Zipp Interchange Network. In a statement issued, ……. said “ I am delighted to AUB join the family

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